Locksmith Services

What kind of locksmith services that we offer to our customer?

Locked Out
One of the most common problems is locking ourselves out of the house or the car. It happens all the time. With so much to do and the mind thinking of everything that needs to be accomplished, just that small, subtle movement of closing the door, only to realize your keys are still inside, can change the entire course of the day. It doesn’t need to be a long term setback though.

New Installation
Perhaps you want to install brand new locks into your home or office. Whether you just moved in and want different locks from the previous owners or you are thinking about upgrading to a superior form of lock, we can help you out. We have a wide selection of improved lock options, so whether you want to install a pad lock, a code based security lock or other variations to improve the strength of your home and office security, we have it all for you and can help you out. You should always have the best lock for your particular needs, as your family, your home and your office are all important investments. We want to help protect you, your family and your investments with the best locks available.

Car Locksmith
Automotive locks have become rather impressive in recent years. Now you need specially designed locks with computer chips inside in order to start up the car. Long gone are the days where you could slide in a screwdriver into your key lock and gain the same access as a key. However, that doesn’t mean you will need our services at A&B Locksmith Auto any less. Perhaps you lost your key and don’t know where to find it. Maybe you went to another locksmith and now that key is stuck in the ignition. Whatever you need, we are here to help with our services.

At A&B Locksmith Auto, we can answer the call day or night, so no matter when our services are needed, we can arrive on the scene and unlock the car or home, without damage, so you can grab your keys and go about the day. After all, you have important things to do.