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A&B Locksmith Auto is one of the leading locksmith company in South Florida, offer residential, commercial and car locksmith services at affordable price. Our team is skilled, experienced and have quick response of less than 15 minutes. We know South Florida, we know its clientele, and most importantly we know what each property demands in terms of protection and security strength. our commitment will always meet your needs.

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When you are in need of professional locksmith services in less time, call A&B Locksmith Auto because we are the fastest and most reliable auto locksmith service in Florida. Our team of professional locksmith is ready to take your call. Trust our 24/7 Emergency Services available to help you when you need us.

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We are a local locksmith service with technicians located across the South Florida. We deliver fast and efficient locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our local locksmiths are available 24 hours in specific service areas in South Florida. Our technicians have an average arrival time ranging from 15-30 minutes. A&B Locksmith Auto specializes in lock service, repairs and replacements for both commercial and domestic premises. Our focus is on customer service and providing a value for money service. This approach makes us the choice for mobile locksmith services for major companies and home owners alike.

A&B Locksmith Auto is the premier after hours locksmith servicing all of South Florida. The truth is, you never know the situation or circumstance when you require an emergency locksmith service.

Our commitment is as strong as our locks!

There is nothing more frustrating as locking yourself out of your home or office late at night when businesses are closed. Even with their convenient methods available today, there will be situations when you absolutely need an emergency locksmith near you. It is during these troubling times when you will need the professional assistance of a local locksmith in your local area. We are South Florida’s premier emergency locksmiths and are always available on the phone, and have after hour’s locksmiths near you available 24 hours a day.

The core of our business focuses on providing our customers with an efficient and reliable service. Security is no laughing matter - we know that it deserves serious attention. Our dedicated 24 hour locksmith team will respond to any job immediately and with the best tools. We pour all of our efforts in providing clients with the security they need. Request a quote today from our Locksmith Specialists available anywhere in South Florida.

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A&B Locksmith Auto provides their services to all type of business in South Florida area. We are a renowned full service locksmith company offer 24/7 locksmith services. We understand the need of our customer and give out best to make them satisfied. We know that each business is different in terms of security. Contact our experts today to know more about our services.


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