Introduction with KwikSet smart key

Kwikset smart is a unique lock system that gives you the option to rekey your lock by yourself in less then 30 seconds.

There are 3 generations of the smart key.

  1. Easy to bypass, drill, key was just stop working for no reason.
  2. Big improvement on the by pass security issues, also big improvements lock jammed issues.
  3. Big security improvement. Adding anti drill plate, improving the side bar making it very difficult to pick.
    Kwikset have been improving their smart key lock with adding additional security. Anti drill plat, anti pick also have a safer side bar that makes it really difficult to pick.

How to rekey the smart key cylinder
insert the key into the lock turn the key 90° (1/4 of the cylinder turn) clockwise
insert the kwikset reset tool into the little spot next to the key until you hear a click
remove the key and insert the new key into the cylinder and turn the key all the way counter-clockwise.
remove the key and make sure the old key doesn’t work and the new one do works

Can a smart key picked?
Yes. Not a easy task, but possible.

With the new lishi of ks1 gives you the option to pick each wafer individual then to get the cylinder turn and opened.

Another way is to use a sidebar shim when picking each wafer you push the shim on the side one more until you get whole 5 wafers in line.

Can wafers of kwikset smart key be read?
Yes. With lishi you can read any wafer when its picked.

Second option is the kwikset decoder, with the ks decoder you can look inside the lock and read the wafers inside.

Smart key today is a secure lock more then most locks in the industry.
Smart key can save you tons of money when need to rekey your locks.
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