5 Reason to Rekey a lock

Tenants leave, and relationships end. As people come and go on your property, it is a good idea to make sure that you change your locks for safety reasons. Even if there is no malicious intent, changing the locks will allow you to rest assured that no one can enter the premises of your home or business and snoop around without your permission.

So when would you need to rekey a lock on your property?
Here are five top reasons you should consider rekeying a lock.

You Have Acquired a New Property

Closing on your new home is one of the most exciting days of your life. However, it would help if you didn’t forget that the house belonged to someone else. Since you are not aware of who may have had access to the previous owners’ home, it is a good idea to get all the exterior door locks rekeyed.

You or a Family Member Loses a Key

Another reason you may want to rekey a lock is that you or a family member lost the key. The chances of someone finding the key to your home and burglarizing it are slim to none. But the possibility is there because the person who finds the key may be someone you know in the neighborhood.

Whether the person who finds the key is a stranger or someone familiar, you wouldn’t want them snooping around in your house, taking things without permission. Therefore, if nothing else, you should get your house locks rekeyed for peace of mind.

A Roommate or Former Significant Other Moves Out

If you recently had a border in your house or have recently broken up with an ex, it may be a good idea to rekey your locks. In most cases, the relationship or tenancy may have ended on a good note it still may be a good idea. While it may seem that things ended well, there still may be some bitterness, mainly if the bond was a marriage.

Rekeying a lock in your home will prevent your ex from coming into the house whenever it is convenient for them and help set some boundaries. If there are things that they or a former roommate must retrieve from your house, it is best to do it while you are at home and able to watch them. This way, you can rest assured that your valuables won’t come up missing.

A Former Employee Doesn’t Return The Key

The first three examples are primarily for residents of a home. This reason listed here may be helpful for those who need to protect their business, mainly if an employee leaves without returning keys. Your former employee may never return to the premises and may not have any hostile intentions. However, if an employee left under unfavorable conditions, particularly for being fired for theft, it may be a good idea to change the locks. This will prevent any further loss from the untrustworthy employee.

A Tenant Moves Out

Another reason you may need to protect your business is if you own property and don’t want people squatting on your property. Once the current tenant vacates the property and turns over the key, it’s still a good idea to rekey the locks. You never know if they made copies of the key or if someone, they knew still has a copy of the key. To prevent unauthorized use of the property while you work on getting a new tenant, rekeying the locks right after they move is a good idea.

Chances are, you may never experience any ill intent from previous occupants of your home. However, there may be some sketchy people who could steal from you or continue living on your property if you don’t rekey the locks. Therefore, to protect your home or business, it is a good idea to get your exterior locks rekeyed as soon as possible to prevent unauthorized access.

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