Does homeowners Insurance cover a locksmith?

There is no cut-and-dry answer to this question. Homeowner’s insurance isn’t all the same. Some homeowners’ insurance might cover a locksmith, while other policies might now. When you get homeowners insurance, you might have to add this to your policy or it might just be a part of it.

If the insurance will cover a locksmith, it might be rather limited. It’s better to assume your insurance policy won’t cover a locksmith, but you should know for sure. Of course, the best way to find out is to ask your insurance agent.

How much will it cover, if my homeowner’s insurance covers a locksmith?
It’s common when a policy does cover a locksmith, that it won’t cover the full cost. In some cases, it will cover up to $100, but a locksmith might charge more than this, depending on what you need. It’s also possible that your policy will cover less than $100 for a locksmith.

When might my homeowner’s insurance cover a locksmith?
Even if your homeowner’s policy covers a locksmith, it might not cover one in every single instance. However, there are times when it will likely cover a locksmith. Those include:

Damage to your doors or windows due to a natural disaster – In this case, you might need a locksmith for the lock on a door or window that was damaged. Usually, your homeowner’s insurance will cover you in this event.

Vandalism – Another type of incident where you might be covered is vandalism. If someone vandalizes your home and a lock is damaged, you might be covered.

Stolen Keys – Sometimes, when your keys are stolen, your homeowner’s insurance will cover a locksmith to rekey your locks. It depends on the issue and what your policy covers.

Your Safe is Stolen or Vandalized – As long as your safe is covered by your homeowner’s policy, you will likely be covered in this event.

It’s best to check with your agent and find out if you’re covered. In some cases, you might be able to add this type of coverage to your homeowner’s policy, if it’s offered as an addon.

What to do if your insurance won’t cover you?
When you need a locksmith and your homeowners’ insurance won’t cover you, there are a few things you can do.

First, if it’s an issue with your vehicle, you might be covered by roadside assistance or other services through your auto insurance policy.

Second, you can pay out of pocket to cover the cost when it has to do with your home and you’re not covered.

Finally, you can speak with your insurance agents to make sure you understand your coverage. Sometimes, you will be covered to get a duplicate house key, but the coverage may have some strings attached.

It’s best to understand when you’re covered and when you’re not before you need a locksmith. Then, you will not your options, if something happens to your home or you become locked out.