The Cost Of Losing Your Car Keys

We’ve all been there — frantically searching every purse, pocket, nook and cranny, and retracing your footsteps throughout your house in search of your car keys. Most of the time we don’t realize we’ve lost our car keys until it’s time to leave the house and the panic starts to set in. Unfortunately, there are very few options available to you when you realize that your keys are gone for good which is generally the reason why people get frustrated.

Before you begin to stress and muster up the courage to make the dreaded phone call to the car dealership, there is a smarter (and less expensive) option. An automotive locksmith like A&B Locksmith Auto is a full-service mobile locksmith company serving the Fort Lauderdale area that can get you back on the road fast!

A&B Locksmith Auto is available seven days a week for emergency and non-emergency locksmith services.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Automotive Locksmith

A&B Locksmith Auto is a full-service locksmith company that performs any type of auto locksmith services you need, without fighting with the dealership. From general lock and key services to key replacement. Here is a list of what you can expect from A&B Locksmith Auto:

Emergency car lockout
Car key replacement
Repair or replace ignition
Reprogram transponder keys
Laser cut keys
Replace and/or repair door locks
Duplicate car keys
Open trunk
Replace keys for high-end vehicles
(For a list of cars, trucks that we service give us a call 954-417-6266)

Just like traditional car keys, every transponder key is unique to the vehicle it belongs to — and most modern cars come with a transponder or remote instead of a set of standard keys only. A&B Locksmith Auto is prepared to replace or reprogram transponders, proximity key fobs, and remotes.

As you search for a locksmith in the Fort Lauderdale Area, whether it’s in an emergency situation or not, you can count on A&B Locksmith Auto. Not only will we save you trip to the dealership and ordering a brand new transponder, we’ll also help save you from overpaying on a hefty price tag.

The Cost Of Losing Your Keys
Nobody intends on losing their keys, but it happens. When it does happen, you might feel inclined to head straight to the dealership for a replacement and a big bill to accompany it. Twenty-some years ago, losing your car keys was more of an inconvenience than an expense. A quick trip to a local locksmith or hardware store to duplicate your keys was all it took to get back on the road again.

Back then, car keys were basic pieces of metal cut by an elementary piece of equipment, making it cheap and easy to duplicate them. As vehicle’s evolved into what they are today, so did their security, making it more difficult for criminals to steal cars. Of course this is a good thing, however, it presented more challenges for car locksmiths to rescue stranded drivers.

Most vehicle models these days use remote key fobs or transponders to secure the vehicle and/or turn on the ignition. Essentially, we can’t live without them. If you have lost your remote key fob and you’re planning on a trip to the dealership, you can expect a disappointing bill to pay.

Common automobile keys and the cost to replace them at the dealership:

Flip keys/switchblade keys: These are the keys that fold into its own fob when it’s not in use. There is a small button on the key fob that releases the key when it is needed. These convenient and easy-to-use car keys are among the pricier to replace coming in at $300 when you order from the dealership.

Sidewinder keys: Also known as laser cut keys include a transponder chip and are made with expensive key cutting machinery. Simply because these keys feature a transponder chip doesn’t mean you have to go to the dealership for a replacement. If you do, make sure you have at least $250 for the key to be remade and the fob to be programmed.

Smart keys: Many current makes and models use smart keys to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle without inserting the key into the door or ignition. Smart keys use a radio pulse generator in the key housing that communicates with the inner workings of the vehicle, to put it simply. As you can assume, the complexity of these keys are not like flip keys or sidewinder keys and if you choose to head to the dealership for a replacement, you could see a hefty $400 price tag that goes along with it.

Hire The Best Mobile Locksmith in the Fort Lauderdale Area
Losing your car keys isn’t fun—and overpaying for a replacement car key is less fun. Save yourself the stress, time, and money and contact our auto locksmith to get you back on the move!