Real estate and Locksmith relationships

Real estate agents wear a lot of hats. They’re a salesperson, a housing expert, and a guidance counselor. They carry a great deal of knowledge when it comes to financing, home repair, decorating, and the trials and tribulations of moving. One thing they’re not, however, are locksmiths. For this reason, it’s important that real estate agents form good working relationships with reliable locksmiths to help the selling process go as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to accessing the properties they show, real estate agents are often faced with broken keys and locks as well as buyers who don’t show up and owners who forget to supply their real estate seller with keys. They’re also the first point of contact with buyers who are new to the area and require the services of a reliable locksmith.

Reasons to cultivate a good working relationship with a locksmith include:

Master keys. For agents showing multiple units in a complex, it often becomes necessary to carry a number of different keys every day. Getting it right – the right keys for the right days – can be a challenge. A trusted locksmith can make life easier by issuing a master key for all condominium and apartment units, particularly those with compatible locks. This eliminates the necessity of carrying multiple keys and allows real estate professionals to show different apartments to many potential buyers, all on the same day.

Re-keying for buyers. Once buyers purchase a new place, the first thing they often want to do is change the locks for security purposes and peace of mind. If they’re new to the area, they will often ask their real estate agent for a referral to a reliable and trustworthy locksmith. In fact, established relationships with real estate agents could send a lot of new business to a locksmith. It’s important that agents have a trusted locksmith partner: any problems with the door security could reflect badly on the agent if he or she has made a recommendation.

Emergency lockouts. Most locks and keys have a shelf life, and if they haven’t been replaced recently, they can give agents trouble when trying to access the home or commercial property. Broken keys and broken locks are a fact of life in the real estate industry. For this reason, it’s helpful to have a good working relationship with a locksmith in case emergency locksmith services are required to access a property, or the real estate agent needs a professional to inspect doors and locks. Getting locked out of a property and left standing on the front porch with buyers is a good way to lose a sale, so it’s important to ensure that everything is in good working order before the buyers show up.

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