How to Prevent Locking Your Children in The Car

It’s so easy to get distracted as a parent – from rushing your children through breakfast, to dressing them up, getting ready for work, even at extreme weather conditions.

Sometimes, it’s overwhelming and you may want to give up!

No wonder some parents end up locking their kids in the car. And out of curiosity, children could try to drive and bump into another vehicle. Heat strokes could also raise children temperature extremely fast, affecting their internal organs.

If you’ve accidentally locked your kid in the car, do not panic but contact us so we can come to the rescue. At A&B Locksmith Auto, we’re always available to rescue your child from emergency lockouts. To prevent accidental lockouts, here are some useful tips.

Monitor Your Kid’s Movement

At times, children are extremely sneaky and quick to go into hiding. Out of curiosity, they could hide themselves or the car keys, trying to imitate your driving behavior. When you’re on the phone with someone or have a lot running through your mind, their whereabouts can slip your mind.

Regardless of the situation, put your kid’s whereabouts first by keeping them in view. Often, during the weekends, you may take them with you.

Have a Set of Spare Keys

This will save you lots of hassles during emergency lockouts. When you accidentally lock your kids in the car, the energy, cost, and time of finding a nearby locksmith can be nerve-wracking.

If you find yourself carrying the original keys with you, a set of spare keys stored in the house or kept with a trusted neighbor will come handy. In case of emergency, you can quickly put a call across to us so that an expert will help rescue the child.

If you’d prefer taking the duplicates with you, use a different key ring and place them in a separate place. For your spare keys or key replacement services, you’ll have to consult a qualified locksmith.

Periodic Inspection Of Your Car

Children are more vulnerable to accidental lockouts because modern car design features auto locks. Any glitch could permanently lock the door and make kids stuck inside.

Always access the condition of the locks of your vehicle. You can also have a qualified and experienced locksmith conduct a periodic inspection on your car. Regular maintenance will reduce the chances of car key malfunctioning, which could lead to accidental car lockouts.

Minimize Your Daily Chores

Increasing daily responsibilities could lead to accidental lockouts. Picking up a few groceries or making a quick stop at the supermarket could make it easier to leave kids behind in the car and expose them to potential accidental lockouts.

Practice taking your kids with you. By getting into this habit, you’ll be more cautious and less likely to forget them in the vehicle.

No doubt, these tips should help you prevent potential future car lockouts. If you are currently facing an emergency lockout or need a car key replacement, we can send a professional locksmith from A&B Locksmith Auto. For other lock-related needs, contact us today.