How to prevent car break-ins

Whilst there is no way to stop them, understanding car break in prevent is based on a main key fact: car thieves are typically lazy opportunists.

They are constantly looking for an easy target and will often take an opportunity if they see one, so to help prevent car break ins there are a few steps you can take to give a would be burglar the opportunity!

In this blog, we will take you through some significant steps you can take to help avoiding car break ins.

  1. Lock your Door
    It’s too easy to turn your back for a second and forget to lock your car, whether you’re filling up your tank or going back inside your house to grab something. So, even if you’re leaving for a few minutes, get into the routine of locking your car. Even if you have locked your car door, make sure the window or sunproof is closed also.

We always suggest double checking your car is locked if you have used a key fob by gently pulling on the handle.

  1. Keep your Keys Safe
    Make sure to keep your car keys safe! When out and about think about putting them in a zip up pocket or in an internal bag pocket to keep them safe from anyone who might see them and take their chance. At home we recommend leaving your keys in a secured location, away from any windows or doors to prevent fishing!
  2. Park Wisely
    It can be busy at times and finding an empty parking space can be hard. However, whilst in your search we suggest you keep a look out for a suitable park to keep your car as safe as possible. If possible, you should:

Park in the light – try and park under or close to any street lamps as it’s a great deterrent against those who might try to use the cover of night to target your car.

Park in busier places – the busier, the safer. As long as there are people coming and going it acts as a great deterrent and makes your car a risker target.

Park in CCTV areas – if possible, try and park in an area covered with CCTV and other security devices. It’s one of the best ways of protecting your car security.

  1. Hide All your Valuables
    If you have anything precious, you’ll need to hide them out of sight. If it’s small valuables, you can use the glove box in your car to hide them or even tuck them under your car seat where they can’t be seen. If you have larger items like a bag or suitcase, we suggest leaving them in the car trunk. Even if the bag doesn’t have any valuables inside, it’s still a potentially attractive target for burglars. If you are in rush, make sure you have a blanket or towel to hide things. The less visible, the lesser a target you can make your vehicle.
  2. Install Security Devices
    In most circumstances, taking simple precautions, such as locking your doors, closing your windows, and parking in well-lit areas, will be enough to help keep your car safe. However, there are a few devices that can be used to provide further protection. The following are what security devices you can install to your car and enhance its security.

Car alarm system – A keyless car alarm system allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle while also keeping it secure. Two 5-button remotes, a control module, a wiring harness, a siren, and an LED indication light are usually included in the system. So, if a burglar does happen to choose your vehicle, they’ll immediately regret it!

Car lock alert – It watches your vehicle and alerts you when anything suspicious occurs, notifying you if anything happens!

Car security camera – if we use cameras to keep our homes safe, why not utilise the same method for our cars’ safety? Even in low-light settings, most cameras will record 1080p videos, which are clear and crisp as well as provide a 360-degree view of the car when multiple are paired together. With wireless data storage available on some models, it offers a great option to protect your vehicle.

To conclude, every year, thousands of car owners are targets and victims of car theft, with even more having their vehicles damaged or having stuff stolen from them. A few safety precautions like the above tips can help dissuade criminals and help to protect your car.

Make sure you protect your home as well with our Home Security Guide and check our website here for weekly blogs on security and safety!