Common reasons why need a locksmith you can rely on

Most of us take our locks for granted, not paying much attention to any potential issues until they arise. Here are a few reasons why you may want to give your reliable locksmith a call.

You’re Moving Into a New Place
Whether it’s your first time moving into an apartment or your hundredth, safety is a priority; especially when living in a complex that is older. That’s because the older the building the greater the chances other people have a copy of your key. There are a few things you can do to up your safety.

Re-key your lock. Re-keying a lock means hiring a good locksmith to come and essentially renew your existing hardware so any keys that belong to that lock no longer work. Your locksmith will issue you a brand-new key (or however many you need).

Changing out your lock altogether is also a good option. If you opt to replace a lock, that is something you may want a professional to assist you with. A professional locksmith can consult you on what type of lock is best and can save you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Don’t let the back door become a risk either. If there are additional points of entry, you’ll want to take care of those as well. If you like, we can also oftentimes make your other entry locks use the same key.

You’re Roommate is Moving Out
Keep in mind that if you have a roommate and they decide to move out before you do, they’ll need to return their key and any copies they’ve made. It’s probably a good idea to re-key or replace the lock after someone moves out. You may trust them just fine, but they could’ve misplaced a spare key or worse, have malicious people in their lives looking to cause trouble.

You’ve Had a Break-in or Don’t Want One
If you’ve never had a break-in, consider yourself lucky. Sadly, a burglar strikes approximately every 26 seconds, according to the FBI. Break-ins can be traumatic, leaving a lasting fear of it happening again. The good news is you can do something to better protect yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings. A trusted locksmith will answer any security questions you may have and equip you with the products and tools to help secure your home. With advanced knowledge in highly-rated locks, access control systems, and other security devices, your locksmith will ensure that you’re aware of all the options you have to make your home a safer place.

You Locked Yourself Out of the House
If your front door has a standard lock, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself locked out. It’s a simple slip of the mind—you forget to unlock the bottom lock before stepping out to grab the mail or you left your keys on the table before heading out. We suggest using a deadbolt while away. They’re safer than spring latch door locks and it’s harder to lock yourself out if a key is required to lock it.

Another option is to get a smart lock. Some smart locks fit over your existing deadbolt and will automatically lock themselves when you’re coming and going. They do however require wi-fi and batteries.

Some people choose to add a latch lock, chain lock, or swing bar lock for extra security, but there are pros and cons to having one installed. For one, these types of locks are best used while you’re home. If you lock up and leave via another exit, make sure you have the keys to that door too, otherwise, you could get locked out of your home.

Your Door Doesn’t Lock Properly
Do you have a door that is difficult to lock? Perhaps you have to slam the door shut or pull up on the knob for the lock to catch. Maybe your key is tough to turn or gets stuck. Whatever the reason, leaving home should not be a chore and neither should coming home. Who wants to stand at the door wiggling a key just right while pushing and pulling to free it? Getting home after a long day should relieve stress not add to it. There could be a number of reasons why your door is difficult to lock/unlock.

If your key or lock is new, the key could have rough edges that catch on the pins inside the lock. If the key gets stuck in the keyhole, try spraying lubricant around the key and in the keyhole. Then gently wiggling the key up and down.

Does your lock look old? If the lock feels shaky or loose, the pins inside your lock won’t be able to align correctly. If that happens, it will cause your key to get stuck. You can try pushing the key in as far as it will go, then returning it to its original position. Hold the plug (center of the lock) down with your other hand and gently pull the key out. This is obviously a temporary fix because it will continue to happen.

If these tips don’t work for you, don’t repeatedly become frustrated with the ongoing headache of wrestling with your door. A locksmith can make short work of your troublesome situation. If it can’t be fixed, your locksmith will recommend replacing it with a good quality lock which they can install for you.